Debra Davis Writes emerged as a result of circumstances out of my control. These circumstances were a gift despite their wrapping of adversity. To that end, a new adventure in life has begun. Part of the adventure now includes writing, so this is my author web and blog site.

The Mission Is To:

  • create a safe place for you to engage with others
  • inspire hope
  • help you discover, and release, your inside colours in your own unique and meaningful way
  • listen to your story
  • honour your pain
  • help you discover and grow your resilience
  • educate and above all,
  • inspire, encourage, motivate, and challenge

The aim is to provide you with an assortment of practical and educational resources that pertain to the development of many aspects of life so that you can become the very best YOU possible.

You will find a list of topics in the Categories drop-down box at the bottom right of each page. Comments spark conversation, so please leave one when something has stirred within you, and join the community to stay updated.

There is a saying, “Life was not meant to be a bed of roses”. I don’t know about you, but I agreed with that saying when I first heard it. Why? Because to me, the image of a well-tended bed of colourful blooms sprang to mind, and on the surface, isn’t that what we all see? Over the years I decided I disagree with this saying and changed it to “Life IS meant to be a bed of roses, thorns and all.” Without those thorns which provide protection for the rose bush, there would be no beautiful blooms. An analogy of life?

It’s up to you and I both to let our life happen to us, or make our lives happen for us. I have chosen the road less travelled, (making life happen for me) which road will you choose?