How Do We Deal With Loss That Has No End?

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We are all familiar with it, have all experienced it, and know others who have experienced it, loss.

Loss, an event that forever changes the way things were. Death is perhaps the most intensely felt loss, and understandably so when the depth of the formed emotional bond is considered. This loss is also the most frequently discussed in books, on blogs, on grief sites, and in groups. However, it is the effect of that tragic loss event – grief which holds the focus of those discussions as people try to understand what is happening to them. The loss itself is often overlooked.

There are different kinds of loss events that occur in our lives, and each one has a corresponding emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual reaction that changes us in some way. What is a loss for one person may not be a loss for another. When we do not understand the complexity of loss, how can recognize it in ourselves and others, and how do we process that?

A death-related loss brings with it a finality, which allows us to work through the normal grief response, as painful as that is, to come to the place of acceptance and a new beginning. We will always remember that loved one and maybe be sad from time to time, but we still have ‘closure’. What about those loss events that do not have the same finality to them? How do we navigate them?

How do we navigate the loss that comes with divorce when it relegates us to the realm of a living death, where we are reminded every day of the dreams we once held? How do we navigate a life that has become limited by the loss of mobility, what does that mean for us? There are so many of these living death kinds of loss. I call them living deaths because that is what they are; the loss event is the death, but the living continues with frequent reminders of the loss.

This will be my focus over the next few weeks. I aim to bring hope and understanding to the many of us who live with the kind of loss that has no end, this living death kind of loss.

If you resonate with this please let me know your struggle in the comments.

I aim to serve you the best I can.

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