On this page you will find a selection of my books as they are completed and published.

You will also find a selection of books which I recommend to those who are searching for a truthful understanding of the character of God and are not afraid to ask difficult questions. None of us journey alone, and God has a marvellous way of linking us with the right people at the right time, so that those questions can be answered. It is my privilege, and great honour, to include the work of some of people I have been linked with. Enjoy our work, and may you always find answers to your hard questions.

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Through Grief and Beyond is an entertaining, easy to understand, book which takes people on a balanced and holistic educational journey. Designed for the reader to see the big picture of what is involved when we grieve, the book debunks myths and challenges presumptive thinking. It provides an understanding of the role of hormones, learning by social osmosis, how not grieving well can make us sick, and more.

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This book takes the reader on a journey of exploring how our society has changed the meaning of the key words that comprise the aspects of love as found in 1 Corinthians 13, an how by doing so distorted our view of God, who IS love. It is insightful and compelling reading.

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Church has morphed into something that, I personally, do not think God intended. My experience is much of what is practiced has been taken out of context resulting in the people of God living something less than the abundant life that was intended. This book unpacks some of the history of how and why what we currently experience as church has come about, and offers alternatives. The work presents a ‘big picture’ perspective which will answer many questions as well as challenge our thinking.

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Have you ever wondered where the way “church” is done came from? Assuming you have had the courage to ask, have you ever been satisfied with any answer given to the question, “Why do we hold ‘services’ the way we do?” Does what you see in “church” life not line up with what you see in the Bible, and desire more than what is? Treat yourself to a well researched, and astoundingly insightful journey through the corridors of history to see how we arrived at our current format. This book will open your eyes and understanding, believe me!

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I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels like ‘there must be more than this’ where “church” is concerned. The authors researched why so many people are leaving “church” but not God for two years before writing their findings. They (the authors) were surprised that their findings didn’t fit their original hypothesis. People are hungry for real community.

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This book will change the way you understand culture, human desires, violence, scapegoating, and why people mimic each other. Rene` was an anthropologist among other things and author of the Mimetic Theory. It is a fascinating journey written in interview format and filled with much food for thought.